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Beginner's Watercolour Materials.

Paint, Pans, Tubes & Colours

I highly recommend the Cotman range of students watercolours made by Winsor & Newton. They are very good quality, relatively inexpensive and readily available. I use them in all my classes, demonstrations and workshops.

If you have no paints then buy tubes. Cotman is available in 8ml and 21ml tubes. 21ml tubes are the most cost effective. If you only have pans - that's OK to start but I would strongly advise buying tubes in future.

The photo shows my tubes and watercolour palette. The pans are refreshed by tubes when I am ready to paint.

I find a tube of opaque designer gouache useful to add highlights at the end of a painting (optional).

The colours = from left to right

Viridian Hue

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

Alizarin Crimson Hue

Cadmium Red Hue

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow Hue


Cobalt Blue Hue

Zink White (designer gouache)

Watercolour Paper

Make sure you buy paper designed for watercolour painting. The subject is complex and quirky. Suffice it to say, my advice is to buy 140lb NOT paper in a pad. Size 14"x10". Most pads sold will be 140lb NOT. If you are coming to one of my classes, bring what you have or buy a small pad of watercolour paper. Brands include 'Bockingford' 'Langtons' Winsor & Newton.


ALL the materials mentioned can be purchased from Ken Bromley Art Supplies
contact 01204 690114


You Don't need too many brushes - bring what you have. You will certainly need a large wash brush (see above), a size 10 synthetic round and a size 6 synthetic round brush - also a size 2 synthetic rigger brush.

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